Swindon Open Studios 2014

Swindon Open Studios 2015 Dates
It's on the weekends of 5th/6th and 12th/13th September
with a Launch Party on 3rd September at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery 7pm-8.30pm
Those taking part can be seen divided into colour coded areas seen on the map below.
Have a look at our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.co.uk@swindonopen
and look at the blog: www.swindonopenstudios.blogspot.com
First Swindon Advertiser article with a great photo of John Maskalaniec:

and now there have been more articles on David Robinson, Christopher Delni-Offord, Pat Elmore, Sharon Rich, Every Cloud, Mark Worrall  and Joe Wright. See blog for more details: www.swindonopenstudios.blogspot.com

The map of the area covered by Swindon Open Studios may help you plan your visits.

Our Brochure, the work of Jane Milner-Barry looks wonderful, the great cover featured above, uses an image from a painting by David Robinson. Brochures are available in the Central Library, Earle's newsagents, the Post Office on Victoria Road, and from artists themselves.
It can also be seen on the Brochure 2015 page.
Artists are listed on the side bar according to area.

Please share the poster advertising SOS, the image is courtesy of Bev Greig who will be taking part in SOS at 1801 on Victoria Road.

Please also share our flyer:

 Photos of last years SOS can be found  on the blog: www.swindonopenstudios.blogspot.com


Why not check out our video? It's made by Nicky Ann Walker and is a real bonus to our advertising.

The Beehive Exhibition features work by Open Studios artists in the top bar of the Beehive, do have a look when you go in there.


 We've also got a Swindon Open Studios Facebook page. Why not become a friend?

 Why not add to the Blog?


Please email us with any news you have of your forthcoming exhibitions, trips, completed work etc. An image and some text is all that is needed.

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