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Dates for 2017 are:

9th/10th & 16th/17th September and an extra day on Wednesday 13th September.

We now have over 60 entries including individuals and groups, and the brochure should be ready to see soon.


Original Artwork Lottery
These gorgeous pieces were on the landing at the Arts Centre during the Swindon Festival of Literature . Tickets were bought during the festival and the draw took place on 13 May. We raised a fantastic £500 for TWIGS.
The winners are:

Carole New x2 – Terry Humphries, Deb Battaglia

Kathy Geddes x 3 – Cheryl Willis x2, Lisa Lane,

Kathleen Elliott -Carmen B Norris

Angela Atkinson- Caroline Day

Jenny Hughes x2 – Paula Sullivan, Alex Coppock-Bunce

Lesley Gow – Rachel Pryor

Sophie Cummings – Vanetta Joffe

Marilyn Roberts – Tim Carroll

Louisa Davison – Vicky Silver

Ida Walker – Vanetta Joffe

Adele Merrison Keith Panting’s plate

Linda Kocur – Bee Operanto

April Nobes – Rupert Aker

Ben Cavanna x3 – Jill Carter, Marilyn Trew, Rosie Leather

Kate Brailsford – Dee Levy

Jane Rodborn – Susan Carr

Ben Staite x2 – Anne B, Sally Thain

Terry Brown – Kate Parsons

Alison Onslow – C Dunn

Mary Holder- Naomi Cantillon

Jack Bryniarski – Cheryl Willis

Anna Hirsch-Holland x2 Jo Mc Aree, Sue Bardwell

Jill Backle – Cheryl Willis

Rosie Baylies – Kareen Jackson

Suzanne Bullimore – David Bent

Debbie Irens – Anthea Hilson

Adam Bartoszewski x2 – David Robinson, Mollie Gratland

Stan Pajak – Jennifer Howells

Marion Paul – Sonia Leggett

S Hayward x2 – Vanetta Joffe, John Maskalaniec

Rachel Pryor – Beverley Anderson

Marilyn Trew – Jennie Anderson

Martyn Cook – Tim Carroll

Christine Hardisty x2 – Sally Taylor, Hannah Dosanjh

Mr and Mrs Ellis – Ruth Wintle

Avril Brown – Sarah Purvey

Dona Bradley – Rachel Pryor

Andrew Yeoward – Sue Pready

Tracy White – Karen Holman

Rebecca Campbell – Val Gibbons

The artworks are now all wrapped, and we're hand delivering to save on postage, if you'd like to come and collect what you've won, please email me at: swindonopenstudios@hotmail.co.uk
They will be delivered to you soon if you do nothing!
I'll put more photos on the blog

The photo below shows the wall with the artworks attached:


We had a fabulous 64 entries to last year's open studios, with many new faces!!

It was brilliant!!

Lots of photos appear on the blog: www.swindonopenstudios.blogspot.com if you look under September 2016 entries.


Have a look at our Facebook page, Facebook group, and follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.co.uk@swindonopen

We collaborated with Swindon Festival of Literature last year, and in addition to the advertisement Matt Holland, Director of the Festival put in for us, we had a front page with Tim Carroll's 'Lady in Red', seen below, and inside a whole page advertising us in 2016.


What did people say about SOS 2015?

'The Studio Users at Artsite would like to thank Swindon Open Studios for organising yet another successful year of this event. For some of our Artists, this was a first time experience and they they found it both exciting and inspiring. The footfall was higher than usual and several sales were made over both weekends. We fully appreciate the sweat, blood and tears that go into organising so many different artists. . So congratulations. Getting better every year.'

'We had a fantastic Open Studios this year, with both weekends bringing lots of lovely visitors out to Stanton, it was quite sad clearing the farmhouse yesterday, but all our members enthused by the amazing comments we received are now busy planning/making for Christmas! We will be back at Stanton 28/29 Nov & 5/6 Dec.'

'Thanks to everyone who came mine and Sophie Corrigan s exhibition at the Beehive and also to Artsite, both weekends went really well, looking forward to next years. We are having a few drinks at the Beehive Friday night if anyone wants to join us, Dave ( Sophie's husband) and my housemate Jon are going to be playing there with kid calico and the astral ponies'

Ken White said:
'good weekend 165 people called in, was like a London art exhibition'.

Lynne Forrester:
'Hope everyone had a great second weekend of open studios. For me it was my sole weekend and first time with SOS. Really enjoyed it and met some utterly delightful people'.

"SOS has been a fantastic platform for showcasing my artwork, and has provided me with a yearly goal to produce affordable art that I can be proud of!"

Why not check out our video? It was made by Nicky Ann Walker and is a real bonus to our advertising.

The Beehive Exhibition features work by Open Studios artists in the top bar of the Beehive, do have a look when you go in there.


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Please email us with any news you have of your forthcoming exhibitions, trips, completed work etc. An image and some text is all that is needed.

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