Swindon Open Studios

Artists are in the process of submitting invitations to SOS.
I'll add to them as I receive more invitations.
I've now included any invitations relating to Swindon Open Studios.
The first is produced by David Robinson, our brochure cover artist and David Worrall, at Venue 6.
And their great guide to Swindon:
Next Tim Carroll's studio invitation, at Venue 18

And Artsite with lots of exciting things happening at the town centre location, including Kate Parsons, curator of the fabulous Entertaining Swindon exhibition at the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, they are Venue 3
Naomi Cantillon's invitation, she's at Venue 21, also exhibiting at the Glue Pot:
Isn't this an amazing coming together at Jane Milner-Barry's studio, Venue 17,she has invited Rachel Pryor and Lucy Britton, a few doors away from Tim Carroll in St.Margaret's Road
And look at this fab image on Pei's invitation, she's in the Mall, almost opposite Ken White at venue 11::
Artsite Associates are having an exhibition to coincide with open studios:

Lynette Thomas and Sophie Corrigan at the Beehive, Venue 5,  have advertised their open studios event with these images:
Susan Carr and Terry Humphries will be at the Town Gardens, Venue 16, also there will be Caroline Day
Here's a second invitation from Susan and Terry
David Bent at Venue 19 also has produced two invitations

Here's Marilyn Trew's invitation, she's at The Willows in Prospect Place, along with Lisa Lane and Ruth Wintle.
Lynne Forrester at Bradenstoke is exhibiting in the village hall on the second weekend.
Alex Coppock-Bunce's invitation:
And Caroline Day's
This year we invited all councillors to open studios with a proper invitation as well as a brochure
And we formally invited some special people to the Launch on September 3rd.

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