Swindon Open Studios

 The Central Library Venue 1
Regent Circus, Swindon SN1 1QG
The following artists will be exhibiting their work in the Central Library over both weekends.
Opening times:
3rd & 10th September 10am-4pm
4th&11th September 11am-3pm
There will be an exhibition of work by artists taking part in the Central Library in the corridor  behind the cafe on the ground floor, overlooking the courtyard.

Olivia H Frost BA
'Liddington Hill on a Dark Autumn Day 2015' Medium: Acrylic on canvas
e: oliviafrost@msn.com
People will see abstract landscapes and ambiguous paintings inspired by cinema and science fiction.
My work explores the relationship between what is seen and what is experienced: reconstituting reality through images that have been distanced or abstracted from any original context. Almost surreal in nature, my paintings often draw upon themes and ideas such as memory, time, identity and narrative.

Carmen B Norris
'Grey Butterfly' Mixed media
I will be showing mixed media art - collages, paintings, cards and work in progress.


Carole Humphreys
'St.Peter denying Christ' Medium: Oils
e: carole1nonly@tiscali.co.uk

Carole will be exhibiting her sumptuous oil paintings and fabulous pencil drawings


Rachel Coyle
'Tropical' Fused glass
Facebook XOXO Fused Glass
Beautiful fused glass pieces, often with a fishy or nautical theme.

dona B drawings
'Gorgeous Bristol' Print of original drawing
e: artist@dona-b-drawings.co.uk
Present: Sunday 4th September 11am-3pm & Saturday 10th September 10am-4pm
I create illustrations of local landmarks, people’s homes and wedding venues. I will be displaying examples of these from the hand-drawn beginnings to the fully-coloured finished prints.

Sarah Caroline Church
'The Swimmer' Medium: Watercolour on paper
e: sarah_c_church@yahoo.co.uk
My portfolio includes work from the last 20 years and across a variety of media. I have watercolours in cubist style as well as more recent mono-prints and sketches. The sketches include conte drawings of sculpture exploring light and shade.
I have several still life compositions in watercolour and pencil, as well as examples of montage sketches and mono-prints.
Prints are available framed and unframed, as well as selections of greetings cards.


Philip Robinson
'Venice' Medium: Watercolour
e: aikidopr@hotmail.com
t: 07722017368
I paint landscapes in watercolour, not photoreal, but more loose, sometimes I tighten them up using ink. I also paint abstract expressionist acrylics on canvas. This year I will be exploring the use of oils to express both these aspects of my work. After a recent visit to Venice, I will be using that city as inspiration for my next paintings.

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