Swindon Open Studios

Venues 25- 33 are to the north and east of Swindon

 25. Franc Murphy
Venue: 234, Marlborough Road, Swindon, SN3 1NX Refreshments and garden
T: 01793 542044
e: fajpmurphy@btinternet.com

Open: 5th/6th/12th/13th September 11am-5pm
A collection of paintings, sculptures and mosaics. Pat Elmore will also be sharing the garden.

 26. John Maskalaniec
'Brunel Rooms' Medium: Acrylic
Venue: 13, Abney Moor, Liden, Swindon, SN3 6NN wheelchair access, refreshments and garden
Open: September 5th/6th/12th/13th 11am-5pm
t: 01793 273983
e: john.maskalaniec@yahoo.co.uk
People will see completed work, work in progress, drawings and sculpture in the garden.

 27. Benoit Philippe
'Coate Water Lake' Medium: Oil on canvas
Venue:The Gallery at the Richard Jefferies Museum at Coate, next to the Sun Inn.
e: benoit.philippe@ntlworld.com
w: http://myfrencheasel.blogspot.co.uk/
Open: 5th/12th September 11am-4pm, 6th/13th September 1.30pm-5pm
Benoit will show watercolours and oil paintings of Swindon and the places around. Come and see him painting.

Some paintings will stay on show until September 26

28. Pat Elmore
Venue: Nutford Lodge Sculpture garden, Longcot, Faringdon, Oxon, SN7 7TW W G
t: 01793 782258
e: pat@patelmore.co.uk
Open: 5th/6th/12th/13th September 11am-5pm
Fantastic sculptures in an amazing garden, and an extensive studio and workshop.
Franc Murphy's pictures will also be on show in the studio.

 29. Sharon Rich
Venue: Henleaze Farm, near Fernham, Faringdon, next to Farmer Gows and just beyond Longcot. SN7 7PR Partial wheelchair access.
Open 5th/6th/12th/13th September 11.00-5.00pm
e: ronalou@gotadsl.co.uk

t: 01793 782382
A gorgeous garden and studio exhibition of unique, hand carved stone sculpture for the home and garden. Parking, teas, local crafts and a wonderful view of White Horse Hill and free range eggs for sale.

 30. Deb Battaglia
Venue: 21, Kingsdown Road, Upper Stratton, SN2 7PE tea and cake offered
Open: September 12th/13th 11am-4pm
t: 07974470671
e: d.battaglia2014@icloud.com
Watercolours and oils, decorative paintings of still lives, flowers, fish and landscapes.

31. Every Cloud Arts and Crafts
'Geoff's poppies'
Venue: Stanton Farmhouse, Stanton Park, The Avenue, Stanton, Swindon SN6 7SF disabled parking and toilet, wheelchair accessible, cafe open for farmhouse teas.
t:  07796530560
e: info@everycloudartscrafts.com
Open 5th/6th & 12th/13th September 10.30am- 3.30pm
Visitors will be able to see the work of 9 'makers', including original prints, wood carving, metalwork, textiles and wall hangings, cards, jewellery and decorative pieces. All makers will be demonstrating their craft.

 32. James Osborn
'The Lost and the Looking' Medium: Gouache
Venue: 34, Wrde Hill, Highworth, SN6 7BX
t: 07885723020/ 01793 763359
e: jamesosbornillustration@gmail.com
Open: 5th/6th/12th/13th September 11am-5pm
My influences are Graphic Design, Art Nouveau, Collage and Street Art. I am obsessed with flowers and people, often showing the broken nature and imperfections of both, which I believe is what makes them beautiful.

 33. John Sirelle
'The Lick' Medium: Mixed media
Venue: 30, Priory Green, Highworth, Swindon, SN6 7NU
t: 01793 746616
e: johnsir@hotmail.co.uk
Open: September 5th/6th & 12th/13th 11am-5pm
About 2 years ago, John decided to specialise in painting wild life because he has always been fascinated with animals. He visits many zoos and wildlife parks, and his paintings are based on the photographs he takes. He currently has two styles of painting: mixed media (mainly furry animals) and chromacolour (acrylic)

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