Swindon Open Studios

Venues to the North and West
David Robinson
Venue: 54 Omdurman Street, Gorse Hill, SN2 1HA    R
Open: 9th/10th/16th September 11am-5pm
t: 07910 116646
e: swindonartist@gmail.com


Naomi Cantillon
'Running through the abbey'  Medium: Print
11 Herschel Close, Oakhurst, SN25 2HX
Open: 10th/13th/16th and Friday 15th September  11am-5pm
t: 07779 991114
f: @naomicantillonartist
tw: naomicantillon
A selection of drawings, prints and sculpture shown in Naomi's garden studio.


Lorenz Freiberg
'Raymond, bane of the River Ray Parkway'  Medium: Stoneware Clay
97 The Bramptons, Shaw, SN5 5SL  W & G

Open: 9th/10th/16th/17th September 11am-5pm
t: 07713563392
e: lorenz_freiberg@yahoo.com
Hard facts are scarce, and this exhibition is not helping... vibrant, colourful stoneware is the medium for this alternative view of West Swindon's past. These sculptures and bas-relief murals explore the local history, archaelogy, and above all our natural history. Putting fake news where it belongs - in clay.



Venue: c/o Manor Garden Centre, Cheney Manor SN2 2QJ

Open:3rd/4th/10th/11th September 11am-5pm
Wheelchair access, refreshments at the Olive tree cafe and Garden - featured above
Taking inspiration from the garden at TWIGS, crafters explore different mediums and techniques to create nature inspired works.


Susan Carr
Studio 24, 24 Helmsdale, Greenmeadow, SN25 1PN   R
Open: ?? September 11am-5pm 
and Old Town Gardens if it's fine on Saturdays 3rd and 10th September 11am-4.30pm  W R
t: 07471 204475
e: smc223@hotmail.co.uk
I will be showing a selection of my plein air oil paintings, including locla scenes, seascapes and figurative studies. Plein air paintings are painted in the open air capturing the changing light and atmosphere.


Terry Humphries
Studio 24, 24 Helmsdale, Greenmeadow, SN25 1PN on Sunday 4th and 11th September 11am-5pm  R
and Old Town Gardens if it's fine on Saturdays 3rd and 10th September  11am-4.30pm W & R
t: 07941 976050
e: terryhumphries@icloud.com
I will be showing a selection of my oil paintings painted en plein air (outside on site), including local street scenes, landscapes also seascapes form the UK and abroad.


Jacquie Primrose
Medium: Glass mosaic
1 Guernsey Farmhouse, via Guernsey Lane, Haydon End, Sat nav postcode: SN25 1UZ    R & G
t: 07971 883303 if you have problems getting there

Open:10th/13th/16th/17th September 11am-5pm
e: jacquieprimrose@gmail.com
f: primrosemosaics
The garden will be open to visitors to enjoy a display of outdoor glass mosaics. A selection of handcrafted jewellery will also be on sale.
Ann Parker-Griffiths
'Bed Head Ned'   Medium: Mixed Media Sculpture
24 Southbrook Street, SN2 1HE  R & G
Open: 13th/16th/17th September 11am-5pm
t: 07960 544680
e: annieweatherwax@yahoo.co.uk
f: Thecreativecauldron
p: Thecreativecauldron
A mix of ink drawings, pastel drawings, acrylic painting, wire sculpture, recycled clothing sculpture, polymer clay. My work can also be seen in the new shop Elements of Avebury (opposite the Red Lion Pub).

Beverley Anderson
The Bohemian Balcony
Jennings Street, SN2 2BQ  R
Open: 16th/17th September 11am-5pm
t: 07450 900452
e: bevagreig@aol.com
A group of ten artists and aspiring artists who are interested in experimental drawing, showing an exhibition of work from workshops and other works for sale.

Great Western Embroiderers
Cricklade United Church Hall, 9 Calcutt Street, Cricklade SN6 6AZ   W & R
Open: 9th/10th/16th September 11am-4:30pm and 17th September 1pm-4:30pm
Great Western Embroiderers are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. We stitch together and explore new areas of our art and craft and prepare for group exhibitions. We have exhibited our work at Lydiard, Steam, Malmesbury Town Hall and Cirencester Museum, and the Fritillary Tea rooms. Members will be showing their work over both weekends and demonstrating various techineues throughout the opening times.

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