Swindon Open Studios

Venues to the North and West
2 Artists in Gorse Hill


Tracey Baker-Stewart
'Wonderland' Medium: Painting on photograph
49a Studio, Artspace, 49a Cricklade Road SN2 1AA
3rd/4th/10th/11th September 11am-5pm
t: 07813078420
e: tracey.baker-stewart@ntlworld.com
Facebook: 49a Studio and Life Drawing at Lawn Community Centre pages
My drawings investigate the idea of memory and sense of place.


David Robinson
'Commuters' Oil on canvas
Venue: 54, Omdurman Street, Gorse Hill, SN2 1HA    R
Open: 3rd/4th/10th September 11am-5pm
t: 07910116646
e: swindonartist@gmail.com
Visitors will see paintings and prints of local landscapes, and images of commuting on the GWR.
Naomi Cantillon
'Sea Snails and Rock Pools an original print
 11, Herschel Close, Oakhurst, SN25 2HX R G
Open: Sunday 4th September and Saturday 10th September 11am-5pm
t: 07779991114
e: naomicantillon@me.com
A selection of drawings, prints and sculpture shown in Naomi's garden studio.


Lorenz Freiberg
'Rain Chains'  Medium: Stoneware Clay, Steel
 97, The Bramptons, Shaw, SN5 5SL  W & G

Open:3rd/4th/10th/11th September 11am-5pm
t: 07713563392
e: lorenz@lightbluecube.co.uk
Stoneware is a vibrant, colourful medium, but also robust enough to survive outdoors and in unusual surprising forms. Come and enjoy water flowing along the length of multiple clay forms, or see entire structures swaying in the wind. The sculptures can be found bordering a fire pit, or more conventionally, in a picture frame, or simply as relief tiles within a wall. Animal, human and plant forms abound as well as ever present earth and eroded stone patterns.


Tase Woolf
'Quilt frame in the studio'
 3, Askerton Close, Nine Elms, SN5 5XB  R & G
Open:3rd/4th/10th/11th September 11am-5pm

e: tase@tasewoolf.co.uk
I work with textlies, creating patchwork and appliqued quilts, cushions and bags from new and recycled materials. I also work with warm glass, creating jewellery and small glass items such as coasters, dishes and decorative pieces. There will be both textile and glass items on show along with a quilting frame for visitors to try their hand at machine quilting.


Mike and Niki Harrison
'Down' photograph
'Undercurrent' Medium: oils
 29, Goldsborough Close, Eastleaze, SN5 7EP  R & G

 Open:3rd/4th/10th/11th September 11am-5pm
t: 01793 725940  Niki: 07481841307 Mike: 07825445097
e: mikeandniki@outlook.com
Just Art by Niki Harrison/ Mike and Niki Photography
Niki produces image sin oils, acrylics and in print. Her subjects revolve around seascapes and natural forms. Together Mike and Niki combine their knowledge and enthusiasm for photography to produce a wide range of subjects.


Venue: c/o Manor Garden Centre, Cheney Manor SN2 2 QJ

Open:3rd/4th/10th/11th September 11am-5pm
Wheelchair access, refreshments at the Olive tree cafe and Garden - featured above.
Taking inspiration from the garden at TWIGS, crafters explore different mediums and techniques to create nature inspired works.


Susan Carr
'Children Running' Oil on canvas
Venue(s) Studio 24, 24, Helmsdale, Greenmeadow, SN25 1PN on Sunday 4th and 11th September 11am-5pm R
and Old Town Gardens if it's fine on Saturdays 3rd and 10th September 11am-4.30pm wheelchair access here. R
t: 07471204475
e: smc223@hotmail.co.uk
I will be showing a selection of my plein air oil paintings, including locla scenes, seascapes and figurative studies. Plein air paintings are painted in the open air capturing the changing light and atmosphere.


Terry Humphries
'Bath Road, Swindon' Oil on canvas
Venue(s) Studio 24, 24, Helmsdale, Greenmeadow, SN25 1PN on Sunday 4th and 11th September 11am-5pm R
and Old Town Gardens if it's fine on Saturdays 3rd and 10th September 11am-4.30pm wheelchair access here. R
t: 07941976050
e: terryhumphries@icloud.com
www.terencehumphries.co.uk also Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
I will be showing a selection of my oil paintings painted en plein air (outside on site), including local street scenes, landscapes also seascapes form the UK and abroad.


Jacquie Primrose
'Iris Trio' Medium: Glass mosaic
Venue: 1, Guernsey Farmhouse, via Guernsey Lane, Haydon End, Sat nav postcode: SN25 1UZ               R & G
t: 07971883303 if you have problems getting there

Open:4th/10th/11th September 11am-5pm
e: jacquieprimrose@gmail.com
Combining my love of colour, pattern, glass and gardening, I design and hand craft unique garden mosaic sculptures. I also enjoy using glass, china, beads and gemstones to create my own jewellery designs.
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