Swindon Open Studios

Venues South of the M4
Mary Mathews: Glass Candy Fusion
'Rainbow Squares Dish'  Medium: Kiln formed glass
The Bit on the Side Studio, 14 Moormead Road, Wroughton SN4 9BY  W & R & G
Directions: the studio is by the bus stop by the Ridgeway Hospital
Open: 9th/10th/13th/16th/17th September 11am-5pm 
t: 01793 278925 / 07740 940947
f: glasscandyfusion
I have loved glass since I was a small child. I firstly trained in stained glass making from small items to windows - examples of which can be seen in the studio and house. For the last 4 years I have specialised in making glass jewellery and a variety of colourful items for the house and garden where my glass flowers are displayed. Glass will be on display in the studio and garden.


Hannah Dosanjh
'Dickie the Dachshund' Medium: Oil
27 Woodland View, Wroughton SN4 9BD  R & G
Open: 9th/10th/16th/17th September 11am-5pm 
t: 01793 845958 / 07853 178498
e: hannahmdosanjh@gmail.com
I like to paint the things we buy, wear and consume in the Pursuit of Happiness; people and animals caught 'off camera' but always in glorious technicolour. Visitors will see my studio space, examples of work in progress, finished pieces, lino prints and cards for sale.

Jon Maskalaniec
'Venecia' Medium: Acrylic
7 St John Road, Wroughton SN4 9ED   W & R & G Animals welcome
Open: 9th/10th/13th/16th/17th September 11am-5pm
t: 07845 201210
e: john.maskalaniec@yahoo.co.uk
Colour is predominant in my works only this year, red has taken a back seat with pink in control. The environmental issues will be displayed a sculptures.

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