Swindon Open Studios

Venues to the North and East
ncluding the following artists: Every Cloud Arts and Crafts at Stanton Farmhouse, Deborah Battaglia, Bee Operanto, Linda Read, Anna Stowe, Sasha Stowe, Christine Tipper, Benoit Philippe, Mary Parsons, Ruth Wintle, Marilyn Trew, Lisa Lane.

Every Cloud Arts and Crafts
'White Horse'  Medium: Collagraph print
Stanton Farmhouse, Stanton Park, The Avenue, Stanton SN6 7SF
Open: 9th/10th/16th/17th September 11am-5pm and 13th September 10am-3pm
Disabled parking and toilet, wheelchair accessible, garden, cafe open for farmhouse teas. Lake Walk.
t: 07796 530560
e: info@everycloudartscrafts.com
f: everycloudarts&crafts
'Textile art, paintings, prints, metalwork and photography'
Every Cloud Arts and Crafts is a maker's co-operative, so visitors will be able to see a wide and exciting range of art and craft including print-making, textile art, pyrography, metalwork and photography.

Deborah Battaglia
'Swans II' Medium: Acrylic/Oil
 21, Kingsdown Road, SN2 7PE  R & G
Open 16th/17th September 11am-5pm
t: 07974 470671
e: d.battaglia2014@icloud.com
f: deborahbattaglia-artist
Paintings, prints, linocuts and cards'
Visitors will see bold, vibrant, decorative paintings of natural objects such as flowers, birds, fish and fruits. Also delicate watercolours of still lifes and landscapes.
Paintings, prints, linocuts and cards for sale. Glorious garden.

Bee Operanto
'Serengeti after the rain'  Medium: Mixed media
1 Kingsdown Park, Crematorium House, Kingsdown Road, SN25 6P
Open: 9th/10th/16th/17th September 11am-5pm W & R & G
t: 07875 098614
e: beeoperanto@outlook.com
Abstract paper mache sculptures and mixed media painting'
A variety of work including abstract paper mache sculptures and mixed media painting.

Linda Read
'Boy with a Duck'  Medium: Watercolour
The Studio, 1 Lotmead Cottages, pyo Farm, Stratton Road, SN4 0SN  W & R & G
Open: 9th/10th September 10am-2pm and 13th/16th/17th September 11am-5pm
t: 07846 72959
e: cricklade1@hotmail.com
'Oil, watercolour and acrylic paintings'
I have a studio under cover, a cream tea area, a large garden, and rear access to pyo strawberry farm, and an animal petting area and milking parlour. I am a portrait painter but have also been working on 'Standing Stones' in our area. I work in oils, acrylic and watercolour. I will have postcards, cards and prints available.



Anna Stowe - Positive Images Photography
Storm light over Cherhill  Medium: Photography
Lake Rise, 11 Ullswater Close, Liden, SN3 6LH   R
Open 13th/16th/17th September 11.00-5.00pm
t:  07801 838502 / 01793 330547
e: anna.lakerise@ntlworld.com

f: annastowephotography
'Photographic fine art prints, cards and calendars'
I mainly take landscapes of the local area, but am also interested in garden photography and travel shots - when I can! Most of my images are 'straight' just using the normal enhancements necessary to get the best out of a RAW file. However, sometimes I also use a variety of software products to turn the image into something more painterly - usually in the style of the Impressionists. I work mainly in colour, but do occasionally turn an image to monochrome if that suits the mood and composition better. I shall be showing both framed and mounted prints as well as a range of greetings cards and a Wiltshire 2018 wall calendar.

Sasha Stowe
'Sunrise over Avebury'  Medium: Kiln-formed glass
Lake Rise, 11 Ullswater Close, Liden, SN3 6LH   R
Open: 13th/16th/17th September 11am-5pm 
t: 07732 368190
e: sashastowe@gmail.com
f: SamsaraGlassDesigns
'Handmade kiln formed glass items'
Visitors will see handmade kiln formed glass, a selection of dichroic jewellery, glass home-ware such as plates, coasters and bowls, and glass artwork will be displayed.

Christine Tipper
'Robin'  Medium: Mosaic
122 White Edge Moor, Liden, SN3 6LY   R & G
Open: 16th/17th September 11am-5pm 
t: 07725 145141
e: christine@christinetipper.com
Christine's World of Words at www.christinetipper.com
'Mosaics, paintings and cards'
I will be displaying mosaics. I have mosaics for indoor displays and garden mosaics. I will also be displaying paintings and cards.


Benoit Philippe
'Kelmscott Manor' Medium: Oil
The Richard Jefferies Museum, Marlborough Road, Coate, SN3 6AA  R & G
Open: Saturdays 9th/16th September 11am-4pm, Sundays 10th/17th September 1:30pm-5pm
t: 01793 638672
e: benoit.phillipe@ntlworld.com
'Oil, watercolour and pastel paintings'
Benoit paints local landscapes or subjects inspired by his travels using oil, watercolour or pastel.


Mary Parsons
'La Seine' Medium: Acrylic, collage, gesso and oil
8 Cardigan Close, Lawns
SN3 1EX  R
Open: 9th/10th/16th/17th September 11am-5pm
t: 07934 446366
f: MaryParsonsArt
Paintings, prints and textile work'
I am interested in experience of visiting new places; how we interact with our environment, the distortion of memory over time, and how this process can be represented visually. I will have paintings, prints and textile work on show.

Ruth Wintle
'Old Blue Eyes'
Grange Leisure, Grange Drive, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon, SN3 4JYOpen: 10th/13th/16th/17th September 11am-5pm   R & Disabled parking
t: 07988 104915
e: ruthandchris1@btinternet.com
Paintings of local Swindon buildings and wildlife'
My pictures are a mix of Water Colour, Pen & Ink and Acrylic canvases.  I enjoy painting local Swindon buildings and wildlife on canvas. Popular Music soundtracks inspires me to Zentangle pictures in to stories.' There will be live painting demonstrations and a craft fair.

Marilyn Trew
Baby Unicorn, Medium: Ink and watercolour
Grange Leisure, Grange Drive, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon, SN3 4JYOpen: 10th/13th/16th/17th September 11am-5pm   R & disabled parking
t: 07768 442393
e: marilyntrew@hotmail.com
f: marilyntrew-artist
'Illustrations, acrylics, canal art, greetings cards'
I enjoy creativity and get inspiration from the natural and fantasy worlds. I like colour , vibrancy and  freedom in my art! Please come along an experience this with me! There will be live painting demonstrations and a craft fair.

Lisa Lane
'Snowdrops on the Lawn, Medium: Pastel
Grange Leisure, Grange Drive, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon, SN3 4JY

Open: 10th/13th/16th/17th September 11am-5pm  R & Disabled parking
t: 07539 226680
f: @lisajanelane_art
Painting demonstrations and crafts'
A mixture of subjects and media. Mainly noted in the elements and nature. There will be live painting demonstrations and a craft fair.

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